This page describes a simple step-by-step measuring method enabling us to make a product to the exact shape of your pool. This is used for manufacturing Shaped DIY Nets & Covers. 

Example: How to measure pool


FOLLOW THESE STEPS (refer to the example drawing above)

  1. Establish two points, ‘A’ and ‘B’ remote from the pool, about two thirds the length of your pool. The longer the line the more accurate the coordinates will be. The line should be more or less parallel alongside the length of the pool and approximately 1 meter ( 1 yard ) away from the edge of the pool. (See sketch above: marked in red)
  2. Measure the distance between A and B very accurately and record on the chart - see chart at bottom of this page. (See sketch above: marked in red)
  3. Using chalk, mark the coordinates on the coping, along the inside edge of the pool at approximately 600mm to 700mm ( 25 to 30 inches) intervals. No intermediate coordinates are needed along a straight line section of the pool. Take care to mark all changes in direction, corners,  obstacles, rockeries, flower boxes etc. Refer to these coordinates as points 1, 2, 3 etc clockwise around your pool. (See sketch above for example: black marks)
  4. Measure now from point A to point 1 and record on the chart. Measure from point B to point 1,  record on the chart . Round of to nearest inch or centimeter. Repeat this procedure for all the points 2, 3 and onwards, recording each measurement in the chart below. (See sketch above: gray arrows)
  5. Measure the longest and widest points of your pool and record on the chart, record the points where these measurements were taken from in the chart.
  6. Measure the vertical distance (height) between the water level and the top of the coping tile and record in chart. 
  7. Draw a simple sketch and indicate the width of your paving around the pool , anything less than half a meter (20") must be highlighted. Fill any observations into the `Remarks` column in the chart or mention it in the `Comments` below.
  8. Check your measurements, carefully follow the steps above again verifying your measurements. Correct any mistakes in the chart below. We will send you a Preview drawing to review your measurements (this preview should reflect the basic shape of your pool).
  9. Press the `Submit` button once to send the measurements to our system.

  Print this page and use printout for recording your measurements, then fill in the measurements into the chart below, review and press the Submit button.


Personal and Product Information

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My email address                      

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Nearest international airport      

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Information required for Custom-made panels:

Measurement Unit        

Distance between coping and water =

Length of pool, measured from point to point =
        (See sketch above for example: length between point 13 and 38, green arrow)

Width of pool, measured from   point to point =
        (See sketch above for example: length between point 1 and 27, green arrow)

Distance from A to B  =

Number of Points        =

Facing the pool with A to your left and B to your right, what point is left-most from A  
        (See sketch above for example: point 13 is the left-most point)

Facing the pool with A to your left and B to your right, what point is right-most from B
        (See sketch above for example: point 38 is the right-most point)

Point nearest to the weir  (See sketch above for example: blue mark, point 18)

Other Comments:
(please provide your telephone number here, should you wish to be contacted by phone)


The chart allows for up to 55 points, use as many lines as you require - leaving the rest blank.

Point Distance from Point to A Distance from Point to B Remarks (E.g. Rocks at this point)

Press the Submit button to send your measurements to Honeydew Nets.

We will send you a Preview drawing to review your measurements.
        (this preview should reflect the basic shape of your pool)

Thank you!  We will receive the measurements you submitted and contact you with further information and instructions.




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