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                E.g.: A 40 x 20 pool needs a 42 x 22 panel

                Imagine a rectangle to cover the entire water-area of the pool, edge-to-edge
(see white rectangle - we will add the required overlap)

Distance between coping(paving) and water =
(that is the distance from the surface of the water measured up to the level of the paving)

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A Full Installation
We do complete net installations and supply DIY-Kits.)


D.I.Y. Kit with a square or rectangular panel


D.I.Y. Kit with a custom made panel.

        Our quote will be an all inclusive price, including air freight and insurance.
        Options include delivery to an international airport close to you (airport-to-airport rate) 
        or delivered to your address.

    Note:   For the Airport-to-airport rate you are responsible for 
                clearing and collecting the parcel from the airport (DIY Kits).

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             All orders are normally shipped within 7 days from date of order confirmation/payment.

Payment Terms

        All major credit cards accepted or a bank to bank transfer (wire) is required.
        We’ll provide the required bank information.




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